How to eat honey

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One is with cold boiled water, honey in the vitamin c oxidase will not be destroyed, summer flushes the clothing also has Relieves summer heat and detoxification laxative effects;

The two is with the warm boiling water (40 degrees) a day, can be Buzhongyiqi, does not destroy nutrients. However, in daily life, there are many people used to use high temperature or roll honey, boiled water, this approach is not science. Because to do so, will make the honey in the class and some vitamins are destroyed, resulting in excessive amounts of hydroxyl methyl aldehyde, so that the nutritional content of honey destroyed.

Also hot boiled water honey will make honey in the enzyme inactivation, become darker in color, flavor volatiles and change the taste, eat have unpleasant sour. This is also the main reason why the pure natural honey is better than the processed honey. Because the first step in the processing of honey is to buy from the bee plant over the low concentration of pure honey, high temperature distillation, so that its concentration reached 42 degrees 43 degrees. But the high temperature damage to the nutrients in honey is huge.

Note the consumption of honey

1, should not be with the bean curd with food. Tofu taste sweet, salty, cold, can clear away heat and blood. With honey and food easily lead to diarrhea. At the same time a variety of enzymes in the honey, tofu in a variety of minerals, vegetable protein, organic acids, and other, both with the food is not conducive to the body of the biochemical reactions.

2, should not be with the same food. Chinese rich in vitamin C, easy to be honey in the minerals of copper, iron plasma oxidation and loss of effect. In addition, honey can be laxative, chives are rich in cellulose and catharsis, easy to cause diarrhea.

3, should not be the same with onions. Organic acids and enzymes in honey with sulfur-containing amino acids in shallot, will produce biochemical reactions in the human body, make the person diarrhea

4, milk honey should not be washed. Milk protein content is higher than that of milk and honey containing mainly about 75% of the glucose and fructose, but also contain a small amount of organic acids, both against the red when, organic acids and protein binding produce precipitation variability and cannot be absorbed by the body.