How to choice honey

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Look at the color. Generally speaking, dark honey is rich in minerals than light colored honey. If you want to add trace elements, you can choose the appropriate dark honey, such as jujube nectar. Good quality honey, delicate texture, bright color; poor quality of honey is often cloudy, and the gloss difference.

Smell. Impure honey smells have fruit sugar or artificial flavor, honey mixed with spices abnormal smell, the smell of pure natural honey, slight fragrance.

Taste. Pure honey sweet aroma, mellow taste, aftertaste long after the entrance, easy crystallization; impure single sweet taste of honey, no fragrance, have a taste of sugar water, crystal entrance, astringent, slightly sticky, quickly dissolve into the water.
Buy bottled honey. Consumers had better go to a regular store to buy a qualified honey. The purchase should pay attention to whether the label name and address, hygiene license number, production date, shelf life, product quality code and other related content.